Yas Links Abu Dhabi Academy Membership

Unleash your golfing potential and take your skills to new heights with our exclusive Academy Membership. Designed for passionate golfers who are committed to their game, our membership offers a gateway to a world of opportunities and benefits.

Membership Benefits

Full Access: Enjoy unrestricted access to our state-of-the-art practice facilities, including the Top Tracer range and Top Tracer mobile technology, allowing you to refine your swing and track your progress

PAR3 Course: Exclusive Academy Member rates to play the PAR3 Course. Test your skills on our challenging and picturesque PAR3 course, perfect for honing your short game and sharpening your strategic play.

Unlimited Balls: Say goodbye to ball limitations. Our membership grants you unlimited access to the driving range, ensuring you can practice as much as you desire.

Discounts Galore: Enjoy substantial discounts on golf lessons, events, and a range of golf-related offerings. From personalized coaching to exciting tournaments, our members receive exclusive pricing on everything they love.

Convenience and Savings: With Academy Membership, you not only save money but also time. Skip the queues, and embrace the convenience of unlimited practice whenever it suits you.

Your Journey Awaits

Whether you're an aspiring pro or a casual golfer looking to improve, our Academy Membership opens doors to a world of golfing excellence. Elevate your game, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy the countless benefits that come with being a part of our golfing community.

Join us and experience the difference an Academy Membership can make in your golfing journey. It's time to take your game to the next level!

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